Confession - How to handle the awkwardness?

I confessed my feelings last night to my ex-coworker/really good friend. For a little backstory, we began working together and our friendship developed naturally over a few months, to the point where we were messaging all day, every day. From day one there was (in my mind at least) a spark, but we only talked to each other at work and were very respectful because he had a girlfriend at the time and because I outranked him by a few levels. This continued for a year and a half until I put in my notice to leave for another job.

A lot happened at once. He broke up with his long-time girlfriend because he wasn't in love with her, and right before I left he got my number and we started Snapchatting all day, every day, for months. We went out to get drinks again last night and he started talking about how he slept with the intern and five other girls and had a date lined up and... I had a little too much to drink, so I snapped at him because it was hurting my feelings. After that he pressed me into telling him what was wrong, and I confessed that I liked him. He was shocked and I kept trying to change the subject, but he reached across the table and held my hand and basically we had 'the talk' that I hate so much. He told me that I am pretty much way out of his league, professionally and physically, and that he wasn't ready for anything serious, but that he liked me a lot too. I understood, and we had a loving and respectful conversation about keeping our friendship. He walked me to my car and we held a hug for about 15 seconds then we said goodbye. Nothing felt awkward.

Today I snapped him a picture of a cute dog I saw like we do every morning, and his response was very cold and distant and extremely awkward. Will this pass? Should I just give him some space?


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  • He won't see you like he used to do...
    Maybe give him some time...


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