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  • He has some valid points. Yes there are guys who will approach everyone and there are guys who will never approach, and then the majority of guys are waiting for the right moment. Yes women should give guys a chance for that right moment if they like a guy

    The problem with his thinking is that he sees it from a man's perspective. Most women don't know if they want to give a guy the right moment until she feels ready to date him. Therefore a man still needs to advertise his intentions when he first meets her. Also women don't like it when guys act like just friends, but then try to make a move if there's nothing romantic there for her

    But I would split this middle group into a sliding scale of how likely the average guy is to approach a stranger vs only a girl he already cares about. Many average guys will approach girls in social gatherings to be polite and speak cordially with the hope that something could happen while many average guys will dwell on a completely platonic friendship for years before making their move. This would include guys who aren't players but are very willing to approach girls and guys who may only ask out one girl in their lives, but that one time keeps them from being an incel

    Of course this scale won't affect compatibility, chemistry, or attraction. Women like to see some potential of compatibility, chemistry, or attraction before giving a guy a chance. But I do agree with him that women should give men more opportunities to make a move if she is interested in him

    • Intelligent post for a 23/f.

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    • Ok, what you described does seem to strongly indicate some sort of interest, I'm willing to admit that but it's still not 100% as you yourself even realized. The only real thing the crotch display shows is that they are at least somewhat comfortable around you.

      I was actually in a slightly similar situation in my late teens. I was single and a couple of my guy friends tried setting me up with one of their girlfriends friend from college. It was strongly implied it was a triple date, we met up but as soon as I met the girl I could tell I wouldn't be interested but still gave it a chance because they went through all the trouble and to complete the evening and hey you never know right. I was friendly and all that but I was also a little distant from her, wouldn't give her a whole lot of eye contact and tried not to talk to her very much. One of my friends noticed that I wasn't really trying to hit it off with her but he knew I was kind of shy at the time so he asked me when we were alone if I liked her and I told him that she really didn't do it for me but I'm willing to complete the evening and try and be friends with her.

      Not saying that's what's going on in your situation but it could be he was just trying to like you but couldn't bring himself to all the way. It could also be what you speculated that he was at least somewhat interested but didn't want to follow through. I really think it stems from him being cheated on recently and the fact he was drunk could have effected things also, he might not have wanted you to see him like that or he couldn't act in proper context and didn't want to risk upsetting you or something and he will have trust issues. You're PROBABLY right about your assessment but the main thing I was trying to get across is that you can never 100% know something without verifying with the person.

    • @MrCryptic
      Haha I think we're both on the same page now

      Yeah not sure if he wanted a relationship with me of just thought I looked cute, but there was some sort of interest. But that's a good point about being embarrassed because he was drunk. He walked into an SUV in front of me, and that was probably embarrassing either way

      I get what you're saying about the date thing, but this scenario was much more casual. Personally I could never do the blind date thing because I'm way too picky to give most guys a chance. But I would be friendly and see it through like you

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  • I don't agree with anyone on Youtube.

  • This guy is 100% right.


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