Do guys really change when it comes to having a relationship?

I mean I heard several sides of the issue. Some people says guys won't change and lets say if he like to play with women and int he moment they met the right girl for them, they could change and stop being a douche. Others says a guy will never change it is in his nature.

So what statiistics says is the truth?

For example a guy who is 45 years old, he had always been single and still is single, he does not have kids, never had been married before but Imsurehe had had flings or had had sex as a single man, he likes being single, and this guy says "he does not like to get attached to a serious relationship, he dislike the drama that comes to have a serious relationship he like things to be casual like gettign laid with girls he find attractive or he knows as friends but they have sex from time to time.

But then this guy all of a sudden appear to have a girlfriend. So my question is. Will this guy change for this lady as the lady could make him change, because that is the "lady" who really opened his eyes to have a more steady relationship and his idea of "not wanting a serious relationship" change gthe minute he met her or he will always be a a douche, because he had always stated marriage is not for him, serious relationship is not for him and he wants to stay single but have friends dates no strings attached, etc etc. Even if having a girlfriend means he could cheat on the girlfriend.

Girls would you like to date a guy like that?
Do guys really change when it comes to having a relationship?
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