My boyfriend didn't get me anything for my birthday?

He was so fuckin sick tho he couldn't even leave his bed , he told me later that he is upset bc he couldn't see me in my birthday and get me a present. But I mean he could've bought me something later? 🤷🏼‍♀️I'm not sad because he didn't get me anything I'm sad because I felt like nothing to him. What does this mean?


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  • It may mean that he doesn't care very much about you, but that would be a harsh judgment to make and an evaluation such as that should be based on everything you know about him and not just how he handled your birthday.

    It may also men that you are insecure in the relationship and rely too much on tangible expressions of his devotion rather than trusting what he tells you about his feelings for you. Only you can decide whether this possibility rings true for you.


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  • You're not sad at all you're hurt, that's a strong emotion it takes time to heal from unless you go to your boyfriend and talk with him about it.
    You're right in feeling the way you do but as I said you'll carry that hurt feeling with you the entire time you're together.
    The only thing and I mean the only thing you can do is look him in the eyes and express your hurt.
    Don't text it that won't have the same effect.


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  • Some people don't take b days and stuff that seriously
    I would say that you should talk to him and hear his opinion on it or just let it go


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