What does it mean if a guy offers you his hoodie?

So I was talking to one of my (guy) friends yesterday and I told him I was walking home (I didn’t bring a coat or hoodie with me to school and he knew that) and so he offered his hoodie. He said “I don’t want you to be cold, so do you want my hoodie? Tell me if this means he maybe likes me?


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  • Well it's better than being offered a burka I suppose


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  • That means you're cold and he is not

    If he was the same gender as you would you think he was a lesbian who was hitting on you for offering you his jacket? If yes, then there's problem something more than just giving you his hoodie (like flirtatious behavior). If not, then he's probably not interested

    Yesterday one of the girls I worked with was really cold. She mentioned that she forgot her jacket, so two other women offered her theirs because they were not cold (I was wearing mine, so I didn't offer it). None of us are gay or interested in dating her (most of them are in relationships and I'm only interested in guys). They offered her their jackets because she was cold

    Another possibility is that he didn't want to be annoyed with you complaining about being cold. So either he's a nice guy in lending you his jacket, or he just doesn't want to hear you complain


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  • I don't think he'd give you his hoodie if he didn't like you. in my opinion he's a keeper, it's hard to find gentlemen these days. Snatch him up, girl. Even if you're young.


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