Is he using me for sex?

Basically started dating this guy a month ago and I have fallen for him.. he knows I like him and he says he likes me too. He’s told me though that if things were to get serious between us it’ll take over a year (says his ex fucked him up and because I have a kid).

We go on dates, and he acts like he’s my boyfriend. He gets jealous when he sees one of my male friends has messaged me, he doesn’t want to see me drunk either says he wouldn’t like to see me like that, he also mentioned he’s told his friends about me and his sister (he asks his sister for advice about dating), he says the best sex he’s had was with me. But he won’t class us as being anything.. I really don’t want to waste my time with this guy especially if it’s going to take nearly a year for him to commit, I’ve already got feelings so it’d mean I’d get even more hurt in the long run.

What do I do?


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  • If you think about it a lable is just that a lable, it sounds like you both are having a good time you go on dates , he looks out for. If you have fallen for him just be happy and wait for things to move forward


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