Why is my guy friend asking about my boyfriend so often?

We live far from each other nowadays since we go to different colleges. Often when we text he asks "so are you still together with Adam?"

The next time I said I was moving to a new apartment and he asked "oh, with Adam?"

He doesn't really ask that many other questions and I know since before that he is not really a big fan of my boyfriend (I dont know why). I once asked if he didn't like him and he just answered "I'm happy if you're happy."

Sometimes when I meet with him he pretends like he doesn't remember my boyfriend's name...

Why is he acting like this? I have known him for like 5 years and I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now.


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  • Is there a reason for him to be worried about your boyfriend? Does he treat you bad? If not , well it might be that either may have some feelings for you or that he's just worried about his friend.

  • Could fancy you


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