Does he want to be friends w benefits? Or was he just curious?

A few months ago, this guy, let's call him L, was super into me but I sort of shut him down. We didn't talk for a while until my friend told me she was into him. I introduced the two, and they've been dating for a month now. L and I grew close again. closer than what we had before but now it's purely platonic. We were out studying together though and he and I got into a really deep conversation about our exes/past relationships. And I'm just going to point out that L brought it all up first... anyways, when he asked me if I've ever been in a relationship that was just casual sex, aka friends with benefits, I told him I did and told him all about what it was like. Then he mentioned that he's never really liked dating people because of all the drama etc etc, and that he's always wanted to have a friend w benefits. Then he added that he's sick of dating and he just wants to have casual sex with a friend. What does this mean? Does he want it with me? And how can I find out if he does? And what do I do with my friend, should I tell her?


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  • He means he wants to be your friends with benefits.

  • Yes, it sounded like he was hinting... Please warn your friend of this guy... I wonder though, how come your friend is dating him, but you get to study with him alone?

    Don't hurt your friend. Either don't do it with this guy, or wait until your friend break up with him to have sex with him.


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