Should I text him first?

Im Asian. Live in my country.
Have a plan to go to usa and stay for a couple of months.

And have a family in USA.
One of my family member in usa has a bussiness, and has a regular customer.
That regular customer is a white guy who finally becomes really close to my cousin.

That guy and me are singles.

Cousin showed him my picture and number.
She told me he is kind, tall and handsome. That guy asked my cousin "does ur cousin like white guy?"
In short, Somehow he couldnt add my number on whatsapp, which is impossible i think. But that what my cousin told me, she helped him to add my number. Still can't.

Cousin finally gave up and gave his number to me to text him first.

Should i?

Note: i dont mind texting a guy first. Not a problem. But it is impossible for him not being able to search my country code and combines my number and add me.


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  • Depends how interested you are in him.

    • Does my value somehow becomes lower because i text him first in this case?

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    • Ok.. thank u

    • Good luck!

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