Is this flirting or just plain joking?

Ok so this guy is sarcastically flirting with me... and it’s been going on for like a month. He does it in front of his friends but still does it when they’re not listening. Haven’t been alone with him for a while so I don't know if he would do it then. He’s a lilllll bit more popular than me but not much. I’m attractive I would say. He says stuff like oh you want me, you love me, I know u think I’m cute, then says stuff like i love you, jess (me) is so cute, I want to hu with u. he says it jokingly but like he’s does it everyday and it’s been going on for a month. I’ve known him for a long time but not on a personal level. I don't know if he kinda likes me? Or is just trying to make fun of me idk?


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  • He likes you but how much is hard to say


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