What is his issue with me?

At work me and a male co-worker fell out. A month ago we had a moment and then nothing happened, I get grumpy but end up forgiving him and staying friends. And then yesterday he really annoyed me so I just got grumpy back with him (I was fed up as he s constantly belittling my work) then today I take something to work and he s there (I m with a friend) as I m putting the thing away he s just staring at me but supposedly didn t look very happy (I didn t look at him this is just what my friend said)
What i don t get is why he was just staring at me? Because if I don t like someone I m not gonna look at them


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  • There's no way we can tell what his issue is, but you've obviously ruffled his feathers somehow.

    • 7d

      Yeah but he doesn't get this angry with anyone else. Like yeah he'll get grumpy with others from time to time but he won't slag them off for ages afterwards.
      I know that just over a month ago we had a moment and since then things changed, but I don't know I tried to stay friendly with him

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    • 7d

      He knows now as someone told him about the guy always being mean

    • 7d

      Good, then if you feel you have cause to complain, it's not just his word against yours.

  • He wants you


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