Is male-female bantering always about building attraction or it can be platonic?

And what is the difference? There is this guy friend that always banter with me (in person and through texting), but any other guy from that group of friends isn't talking to me that way. Those banterings are sometimes openly sex related and sometimes just innuendos. But I see them all as ambiguous. Can those kind of bantering be considered as only friendly or it's always sign of wanting more (hooking up, friends with benefits or even real attraction).
He is more considerate not to cross the line of where I feel safe when interacting with me, cause I've seen him doing it with other women on the bordline of offence (for my taste). He is crude only when women are too pushy.


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  • it can be platonic just like in any friendship but the subject matter of the banter can be an indicator. ambiguity could mean he doesn't want to take it too far because he may like to have more than a friendship but its hard to say without actually being there

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      He said that the joking is mostly on his expense since he has to be careful so nobody finds out about it (I mean the bantering, since I freak out that somebody would think bad about me behave like that)

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      and have you ever asked him if he finds you attractive?

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      He said few times that I have gorgeous face, that I'm perfect and compliments like that. He talked about some time ten years from now and how he hopes we're still friends then. How we conected on higher level and lookes almost as if we can comunicate telepathically. But I could never ask him, or anybody, directly if he/they like me.

  • ok old sport listen carefully, there two schools of thought when it comes to talking to women , you either talk like they were a guy friend ( with a bit less cursing overall) or you try the fun way , wich is to be a one liner, bond/manly fictional character quoter , sterling archer wannabe. The second way is a sure fire way to say i woudn't mind we hooking up ( of course women over anal yze ( see what i did here) and get completely oblivious to it) . Now most will not use the second unless they know you pretty well. Either hooking up with friends is shit deal that's why i only have two female friends that i woud never get involved with ( they don't mae my pants "hot") and i keep as dating advisors and wingwomen and only those two. I concusion if i talk to a lass i want to be with her


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