Individual standards?

How do you know if someone is out of your league or not good enough for you? I've missed out on opportunities where I thought the guy was too good for me only to figure out that he was interested in me by the time it was too late. I have also tried to go for guys out of my reach. How do you know where you fit on the classic 1-10 scale?


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  • "League"

    Is only a state of mind. It is only what you make it. If you think your outa his league, you are. If he thinks he's too good for you, he's dead wrong because you can change what league you are in quite easily.

    You are never outa someones league, nor is someone out of your league even if your totally repulsed by that person. Trust me. People change.

  • Everyone is different. no one is really out of your leauge, its more your not compatable with each other, and you never really know untill you talk to that person. and the 1-10 scale isn't something that determins how compatable you are with someone, its a personal judging system to what qualities your attracted to in other people. so for people to say that your out of their league, isn't fair to say untill you get to know them.


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