What are the signs that tell you a Libra man likes you?

Just wanna see what you guys come up with on this one - I'm in a dilemma :-/ thanks

Continued from comment - and that I was to let him know. I asked him was he tryin to tell me sumthing or what - he told me he was confirming that he finds me very attractive and would love to help me help him with sex. But is this just meaningless flirtin


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  • I've had the dubious honour of mingling closely with several Libras, some even born on the same day. Not one of them is similar to the other, from drama queens and class clowns to magnates and humourless Navy investigators. And an unemployed loser, and I'm being fair about the description, that I don't consort with any longer.

    There's not one level of personality that any of them share between them. They're not Libras, they're just people.

    And guys have myriad ways to show you they like you, dissimilar like snowflakes, depending on what kind of person they are. So if you have some actual clues as to how he is as a person, we might help you better.

    • Well we have been talking on and off since the summer we have kissed and cuddled in the past. We have just seen each other again a few days ago. The first time in six months. He is very comitted to his sports. We are both shy face to face then I found out from him via text that nobody has caught his eye yet and that nobody has intreigued him. We have both been without sex for a while now, and we were texting when we got home, he told me that if I ever wanted to get a snuggle up then

    • Well, there's really no clues in what you've told me as to what he fears and wants in life, which is the factors we consider when we predict people. Why is he committed to his sports, what kind of sports, what does he want from it? Why is he shy, what is he afraid of, how does he appear shy? Being shy and loving sports say nothing about a person, so I'd need more than that.

    • Sorry I couldn't fit much in. Well he loves his boxing, last year when we met for the first time we were getting the ball rolling but due to his comittments he doesn't keep in touch well. I'm not sure weather that's a valid excuse. He's shy in the sence with speaking about his feelings face to face like myself, he's very friendly talks alot. Over text he's very open about his feelings just he doesn't stay in touch very well. I don't feel confident with what he tells me is 100% genuine

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