Is it normal not to feel receptive to it anymore?

ok so I have essentially desensitized myself to rejection and no longer feel the pain associated with it anymore but gone with that are also the emotions that I would feel if a women was checking me out. Like for example I was on the bus the other day and any other guy would have been affected by being checked out by s attractive girl but I felt nothing and she just got the blankest coldest emotionless stare


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  • You prob don't care anymore.

    • 4d

      Yeah man like it’s just gone

    • 3d

      Am there to. Confidence us to suck. Then got confidence in mywelf. Then just asked women out. Got rejected dozens. Here and there got a few bites, a few flakes, and a few interests. Then I one day after being rejected I realized I didn't even care. My guess is the need/want for validation is nonexistent so it's just whatever after a while when you're good with being you and doing everything else other than seeking a partner?

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