Are we friends or more than that?

I've been friends with this guy who I met in college for about 5 years. We've both moved on to separate states but we've always kept in touch. I would consider us to be close friends in that we will call each other share what's going on with us every week. Sometimes we talk 2-3 times a week, but the minimum is once a week. I've had a boyfriend in the past and even then we'd still maintain contact - however, he would do this thing where he'd always drunk dial/text me pretty much every week when he was out.

I felt awkward bringing it up because i thought it meant nothing cause he'd always talk to me about the other girls he was interested in or wanted to hook up with. But this kept going on obv i wouldn't pick up his calls or ever respond to the messages at the time because i was asleep.

However, my friend suggested to me that it was a bit weird that he would call me like this everytime he was drunk and that perhaps he was more interested than I think he was.. any insights would be appreciated.


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