Guys, guys is he still serious about me if he says this?

my boyftiend says he does want a future with me and loves me a lot but is not ready to talk about marriage and stuff so is not ready for serious relationship like that, is this normal for him to have said and reasonable? he says he wants to take things just slower like i must not bring up the marriage and stuff

we broke up Friday and then this morning he called me saying he misses me and just is overwhelmed with every thing in his life and is not at a happy place in his life and that is also why he wants to take things easy with the relationship but wants a future with me, how does this sound?


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  • It sounds like her is conflicted, some people don't like to thing too much into the future because it's too uncertain and unpredictable.

    He possibly doesn't want to talk about settling down and marriage atm because he has other things he wants to archive and focus on first.

    Marriage is a massive deal it's about sharing everything you are with another hopeful forever.. maybe this scares him or he's just not ready.

    This doesn't mean he doesn't want to be with you or isn't serious about the relationship. He might just need time to figure thing out for himself.


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