What does it mean if a guy still talks to his ex?

Say they only went out for a short period of time. What does it mean if they still exchange 2 or 3 texts per day since they broke up. Its been 2 months now.


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  • A breakup dosent always end in the two people hating eachother sometimes they agree to stay friends

    • yeh but i find this weird. Cause its a short period of time they went out for. Whats the point in staying friends. Could there still be feelings there?

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    • i was the one that ended it cause i didn't want to keep going in the relationship. he doesn't want one for a long time so it wasn't anything to do with that. he loved the sex aswell he told me he would miss that a lot. and its not like we talk like friends by giving advice and all that he only wants to talk about me and keeps asking questions about things happening in my life like he still wants to know, which is what i find weird

    • He might still be interested but don't try to decipher his behavior ask him

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