Was he jealous at all?

I have a huge crush on a guy who owns a cafe. I’m a regular customer and we have a flirty relationship. Sometimes the flirting gets a little sexual.

I saw him in the supermarket yesterday. While I was chatting to the security guard, he walked past us and said to the security guard “keep an eye on her man, she might steal that cucumber.”

When I paid for my shopping, I continued to talk to the security guard. I noticed that the guy I like wasn’t looking over at us but he was stood near enough to hear what we were saying. When he walked past us again, he seemed abrupt when saying bye to both of us.

Today I went into his cafe and he was smiling to his colleague saying “you should have seen her flirting with the security guard in Lidl” while I was waiting for my drink.

i know maybe I’m reading too much into it, but did he seem jealous?


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