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Me and this guy been talking a lot, we hit off really well and became good friends but we never talk in person. His friends are trying to make me talk to him because I found out he likes me, I think he found out I like him too but none of us make a move to talk, I been trying to make plans to hangout but we are always busy. Next thing you know we don’t even talk a lot anymore... he messages me once and awhile and I think oh maybe we will talk a lot but he usually leaves me on seen and it just messes with me, advice and thoughts please?


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  • He is probably waiting for you to make a move. Text him first, don't make him feel desperate!

    • I do text him to hang out or make plans but like I said we are both busy... and he usually just leaves me on seen after a couple of sentences

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    • Well.. No one is too busy when it comes to someone they really like

    • Well he has a lot of badminton all week until Friday... and on fridays I’m usually busy. Plus badminton is until 6:00 pm which is also when the mall closes.

  • what are your intensions with this guy?


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