Just wondering, Do guys like to be texted first? (There are multiple question needed to be answered)

This time I'm definitely sorry for the length but Please Help! Guys & Girls

Ok, me and this guy have known each other for over 2 1/2 months.. We text every night... He always text me first, (this is how it happens, I would be texting him and before I can send it, he would send me a message/ that happens a lot). I Really like him a lot! We were talking about him still being in love with his ex, even tho I was hurt when he said that; I told him if he really loved her he should fight for her! After that I said since we were having such a deep conversation, I went ahead and told him that I liked him! He said his little sis had already told him that I did! We still text as much as we did before and more.. Also we were talking about playing a card game called rummy, and I didn't know how to play so he took the time out to text me how to play the whole game.. He's really sweet, he does that every time he talks about a curtain game or whatever and If I don't know how to play it he'll text me how to play.. Like last night I told him I didn't know how to play poker and he helped me learn how to play by sending/texting me how to play...

Also I was texting him last night and he just laughed for no reason, well I don't know he said I said something funny but this is what we were writing..

**It started out he texted me to let me know that his sis didn't have her phone. His sis had hurt her leg earlier that day!

Him: (His sister name here) said ____ got her phone that's why she ain't texting!

Me: Ok, I was wondering!

Him: Ya

Me: So, how is (His sister name here) leg?

Him: She gonna text you right back she's got her phone now!

Me: Ok, how are you?

Him: Good lol

Me: Hmm:), what's funny?

Him:Nothing! Just the way you said that last thing!

(I still didn't get what he was talking about but I continued)

Me:Oh ok! Lol

Him: You?

Me: What:), I'm confused!?!

Him: How are you?!?

Me: I'm doing good, how are you?

Him: I'm good lovelie! (that's my name)

** I don't know if he's being flirty or what!? Wish I could get into everything but somethings are meant to say between me and him(personal/confidential info)!

We talk/text so much we laugh, crack jokes, talk about things we like/dislike! I told him we were going to have to hang out one day and he said yeah! He's always making me smile/laugh, his sister says every time we(me and him) are texting he's always smiling!


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  • first: I'm a littel drunk lol

    second: stop analyzing every message so deeply. its not liek he's planning every single things he says so that you can figure out exactly how he feels. sometimes I say random things in texts/chat/talking inperson.

    third: sounds like he likes you at least a little darling but he might feel awkward because you're a freind of his sisters. (if you are.) I think that's all I wanted to say but I might have left something out lol

    • Thanks, and if you did forget something! Feel free to come back and post it! lol Thanks..

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