Can't tell if he likes me or not?

I can't tell if this guy likes me or not. When we first met he seemed to have no problem being around me but would ignore me. I caught him staring at me when I was in the room and wouldn't look away. If Im in this room and he walks in see me, he stays in there for a long time. He doesn't talk to me or say anything to me but he talks to others in the room while facing/staring at me. He may stand close to me too. The thing is he never would make eye contact with me especially when we walk by each other. If we did he would look away. So I thought he didn't like me. He started avoiding me for some reason. If he saw me somewhere, he would turn around in a heart beat and not bother to go in. He looks like he's scared of me. Its odd. It's like he didn't want me to see him. Then he stopped avoiding me all of a sudden after a week, and tried to approach me three times randomly for some reason. He was always smiling at me and he would make eye contact which he never does. I dont know what happened there but he started avoiding me again. Even when he does avoids me, he still stares at me but doesn't want to be around me. This is on and off, its annoying.


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