What do you do when a guy breadcrumbs you?

So there’s this guy I’ve been flirting with last year. We never went on a date but we’ve been speaking to each other constantly for about 3 months. We usually take the commute from work together and have playful banter every time and flirting on the side.

We stopped taking rides together as he had to change his work schedule. We stopped talking constantly but he still tries to ask how I’ve been maybe once a month or in every two months.

I never thought he was breadcrumbing me up until this week when my birthday came and he’s been trying to start playful banter. He’s been flirty but with no signs of taking it further. It’s like he always tries to remind me of his presence just when I’m about to put him in the back of my mind. What do I do with guys like this?
What do you do when a guy breadcrumbs you?
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