What does a guy mean when he says "I'm talking to someone"

okay this really good guy friend has been texting me, well I should say I have been texting him. But contact was made through him at first. Anyway we text pretty much everyday at least once. I really like him and I am away at college. He is always extremely nice when we text and seems to like talking to me. He puts a lot of smiley and flirts sometimes. he always tells me what he is up to and all that.

Although whenever weekend comes around he is always doing something with his guy friends so I hate to ask if he wants to do something with me. He did say we needed to hang out sometime though. One weekend I was talking to a friend and she know this guy I like really well, and I wanted to find out if he liked anyone...so she texted him and asked, he said he was talking to someone! what can this mean...he didn't give her the name of the girl he is talking to cause he said he is a secretive person. but I just want to know if he possibly likes me...and would it be a bad idea to ask him if he likes me?!

What does a guy mean when he says "I'm talking to someone"
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