Alphas and Betas?

Do you really believe in Alpha, Beta, (theta, sigma) whatever?😶
Do you really think men can be categorised like that, coz not every man has met every situation in his life, it would be unfair to just decide by yourself.
Stupid youtubers and others coming and explaining how to become alpha, what differentiates them from beta, how to look, how to act, how to shit...
And some explaining what betas are, never ahead, followers, dont get The Best, how they cam become alpha, how to live.

I just see this as Barberic forms.
The more like animal leader - alpha,
the more like alpha follower - beta.
Just waste of time listening others on what you are or could be. Listening others on what you must do and what to avoid.
Just live a free life man, get hurt, cry, become strong, live again.

I have been observing frequent such posts, thought why not i too join annoying others...

Throw me your opinions if you are alpha/beta.
Share if you aren't one among them.
Im Alpha
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Im Beta
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Im not Barberian
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Im women who believe in it
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Im women who dont believe in it
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Im scared i can't handle the truth who im (weak people here)
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Alphas and Betas?
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