How can I keep talking to a really shy guy who knows I like him?

During the last year of school I developed a liking for this super shy guy. He's like a male version of myself. Being shy, I never was able to tell him in person. I got his number from a friend. I started texting him after graduation (which, he didn't attend. He also didn't attend an awards ceremony we had, so I'm guessing it's due to shyness/social anxiety). When I sent the first text asking if it was him and saying it was me, he replied instantly. I confessed to him and said I had a crush on him but never knew how to approach him. I also apologized for my friend bothering his friends about me a few months ago. All he replied with was "oof I thought she was joking." What did he mean by this?

He shows a ton of "signs" of interest in me, so I'm confused why he hasn't said anything yet. For example, his face gets super red when he sees me and stares from down the hallway but when we're close there's zero eye contact.
I haven't texted him everyday, but when I do he'll respond quickly. However he never asks me questions. Our last chat ended ended like this -- "So what do you like to do?" "Outdoor stuff mostly" "Nice, I like running and tennis." Then it ended. Does he not know what to say/to scared to mess up? Do I need to keep on asking different questions for him to open up or does he not want to talk?

How do I get him out of his shell? I don't want to annoy him, but since he replies instantly to my questions I have no idea how to take this. I thought I was shy, and I never expected taking initiative like this. I also never would've had the courage to talk to him if there weren't so many signs of his interest. I just wish he would tell me. Tell me if he's interested or tell me to stop texting him.
How can I keep talking to a really shy guy who knows I like him?
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