How does he feel? How can I talk to him?

In person he.. stares at me from afar, does not look at me when we're close, his face gets red when I sit near him, he's quiet most of the time but when we sat next to each other he would try to make me laugh. He is incredibly shy and doesn't talk to a lot of people.

Now that school is over, I'd like to know how to talk to him and get to know him better. I have his number and have been asking him things every other day. However, he never asks me anything or initiates a conversation. I asked him how he was and he just said good, without asking how I am. I'm shy too so I really suck at maintaining a conversation. But it's even tougher for me since now I can't tell how he feels. I want to ask him, but at the same time I want to get to know him better before considering a relationship.

Any shy guys that can help me understand his behavior? I really like him. I want him to trust me.
How does he feel? How can I talk to him?
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