Should we be more than friends?

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I met this girl on the internet about a month and a half ago. She's about my age, and she lives on a different continent than I. We started out as friends, but then started to like each other relatively soon (about two weeks after we met). Three weeks after we met, we told each other we like each other. We started flirting a lot as if we were boyfriend/girlfriend for about a week, and then at the end of the week, she told me she really liked me (like, really liked me) but that she doesn't think we should be more than friends because nothing can ever happen between us (again, we live on different continents) and she doesn't want to get a broken heart. I myself don't think that's a good reason not to be more than friends - especially because you could use that reason against relationships in general, including real life ones. But she feels that she'd get really attached to me and then we'd eventually have to break up, and she'd be really hurt. I think that it's better to enjoy the times you have in a relationship even if you get hurt at the end than to not have the relationship at all, since you can always get over the break-up and still have grown as a person because of the relationship.

Anyway, after that things got a bit complicated and she still has that viewpoint. She ended up lying to me last week - she told me that she liked another boy from school. I was happy for her, and I knew that liking a real boy would be way better for her than liking someone on the internet. But then a few days later I found out it was a lie just to get me to get over her (which I did). I told her I was fine with her liking another guy and I told her that I didn't like her as more than a friend anymore, but that I'd still really like to be friends. Apparently before I said that, she still liked me, but now that I've told her I don't like her anymore, she's gotten over me. We're now only on a friendly basis. But, I think that sometime, I might end up liking her again, and she thinks that she might end up liking me again sometime. I think that if we both ever happen to like each other again, we should be more than friends, but she still thinks we shouldn't because of the broken heart thing. Any thoughts on this? (By the way, pretty much all we'd do if we were more than friends would be flirt - at least for now. Maybe things will change, but I doubt that we'd wanna do something serious like send each other videos. Personally I wanna wait until I've met someone really really special to do something sexual.)

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Should we be more than friends?
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