Why some guys behave like this?

Why some guys behave like this?
Im saying some guys as not all guys are like that , some are true gentleman and respectful.

There is a lady friend who had sex twice with a guy she was very attracted to since they met each other 4 years ago. The guy when they met, gave her sigs he was attracted to her so she just play along the same thing. They even went to dates with no sex either. Let me clarify they were never a couple or going steady or in a formal relationship either. The guy always was clear to her he liked to be single, free of drama that comes from having a steady relationship. The lady told him she think similar to him as she enjoy being single and never had plans to marry in her future.

The thing is that even though, the guy seem attracted to her and it was mutual, even on the kind of relationship they were having.

But then is where I say here why some guys are tools, and dogs... . My friend is a nice lady aybe she was more naive i than bold, in the men department as she had not much experience in the relationship/dating field, she was no bitchy like some other women out there. Mayeb she was taken advantage of that by this guy but she will never know, even if both were in the same page when it comes to beign both single.

The thing is she found out (eventhough she has no solid eidence or proof) well she was told over the phone by some relative who knows the guy for many years, the guy had a girlfriend. But she found out just last year, 3 days after she had sex wsith the guy for the first time. I mean I gather the guy already had the girlfriend when the guy had sex with my friend. But then again my friend had sex again with the guy 3 months after beause the guy wanted to ahve sex again, still at this point my friend has no proof or solid evidence the guy indeed has a girlfriend, she was never given any evidence or proof, zero by the relative who told her in December the guy had a girlfriend. The only thing is to take the word of the relative as a proof, but that is all but the

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relative could even be lying too.

I mean why this imbecile guy who always had told my friend he does not believe in having a steady relationship with a woman and enjoy being single, then is dating someone and cheating on his alleged "gf" by having sex with my friend twice? I feel for his alleged girlfriend who never had a clue the guy had sex with another woman which Im sure the girlfriend does nto know either it happened.

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I mean the guy had sex twice with my friend (my friend was never aware he had a girlfriend like I said but she had no proof or evidence of anything the guy having one) when he was alreayd dating someone else when he told my friend he does not like being in a relationship becuse he hates drama conflicts that comes if you are steady with a gf? Very contradictory to what he says about not being in relationship

The guy in question is almost 50 years old, he is 46 has no kids and had always been
Why some guys behave like this?
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