Why does he act so confusing? What does this mean?

We work together and until now he always joked/smiled when talking to me, also got awkward at times. He even told me one day that I'm so tough no one can tell me anything and smiled swaying not even my man and that I had to let me walls down. I asked him how he said he's also working on lower his walls. But lately I had been mean to him I guess and the other day that a patient was going to come got upset because they had to pay $200. This guy thought i was rude to him as the patient said. So i walked into his office and said I would not answer calls anymore if I'm just telling him the policy and the patient is thinking i'm rude. He told me to calm down and I said i won't answer the phones anymore and walked out and opened the door aggressively. Management called me in and had a talk with me and had me sign a written warning about having attitude.
Mind you this guy is a new dr and he already had an incident where he was written up. I"m thinking he was avoiding having second warning by reporting me. BUT with all of this would he have done this if he were interested in me? After this i talked to him and told him i'm not trying to drive away his patients and that I want the best for him etc.
Update: He was pretty happy and I said it's just my way of talking and told him the other day a patient told receptionist she thought I was the dr's girlfriend just because I was talking to her urgently when I didn't say anything else but give her instructions on how to make hospital appointment. He said and I didn't say anything eiher and laughed and looked down
Why does he act so confusing? What does this mean?
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