Will my ex come back in remorse? What’s going on in his head?

My ex broke our long term relationship; although I nearly feel like I’m to blame as well. We’d been together for so long, so long that he’d just asked me to move away with him & we’d just booked a holiday abroad together. Only days before he randomly ended things he’d been asking me to meet up daily, we’d been having arguments but he knew that they were only temporary. I was in a bad mindset (no job) & he wasn’t in the best of places either (worried about having no friends or a career set out).

He snapped the day after our anniversary and randomly said he wasn’t happy, even though the day before this he was talking about our November trip & he was ALL over me, the sexual and loving attraction was there. When he ended things he said I was unbearable, that we aren’t meant to be, really stupid statements. It was like he was trying his very best to hurt me.

I walked away in anger and just 8 days later after his stress was gone (he’d a thesis due), I got a missed call. Instead of calling him I made the mistake of going out and having fun and he saw this online. It resulted in him blocking and muting me, and deleting photos of us online (only 2 more recent ones).
I tried texting and he ignored me.

A few days later I texted to wish him luck in a job and he replied instantly. I then asked could we meet up sometime & he replied saying yes giving a day and time. He’s shown major eagerness to meet but he hasn’t unblocked me or anything online and hasn’t tried to talk to me, or see if I’m ok.

The behaviour is really out of character. He’s talking to old acquaintances he claims to hate, and everyone notices. He’s trying to talk to everyone online except me, & has followed a load of female nude models online. He’s not on any dating apps but he’s acting out majorly online.

Just wondering what’s going on in his head
Will my ex come back in remorse? What’s going on in his head?
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