Does he have feelings for me?

We work together but we barely know each other. We don't talk that much, well not as friends. I used to catch him staring at me. He was staring at me one time and I smiled at him. After that he was everywhere I was but never would talk to me. He isn't around me anymore. He's avoiding me now. But what makes it confusing is that when he leaves, he comes to where I'm at and stares at me. I will see him one time during the day then I won't see him until its time for him to leave.

It was the afternoon and I was stocking the shelf. This guy was with me and he told me that someone was looking at us. I looked over thinking it was someone else but it was him staring right at me. He was leaving. When I'm the one that's leaving and he sees me leaving, he watches me walk to my car. He walks past me like he doesn't care about me. But as soon as I'm out the door, I can see him stop and hear him turn around. Some days he will just stand by the door before I get to it.
Does he have feelings for me?
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