Does he like me or not?

So hi lol I'm just gonna go straight to the point. I have a classmate who "likes me" (lets just call him A), and i heard that his friends knows something about it. When we were practicing, i took a break and sat in a chair in the front, facing them, he was dancing in front of me smiling and joking that he's "dancing for me" i didn't mind it and laughed. When we're in our classroom, he needs to pass by my seat in order to go to his, and everytime he passes by, he would dance or "show off" his skills in front of me, or everytime he says a joke or do something amazing, he would look at me. One time, he was seating with his friends and an acquaintance of mine, while i was almost on the other side room (maybe 3-5 meters away from them) they're talking about something and they were all smiling, and i heard "A" say "i already love her" they were shocked then teased him, then this acquaintance of mine said "what? I heard it!" Then they all looked at me, A did too then quickly looked away. After class, i was talking to a lady and he looked at me, then continued to walk to the exit, just about 4 secs i finished talking with the lady and headed to the exit as well, i think he noticed and looked at me, he looked away then smiled (at the wall lmao).

Thats it, what do you think? If he does then.. I don't know.. but i dont think he loves me because we dont talk to each other often.
3 d
P. s I'm 18.. he's the same age as me, I don't know maybe that'll help lol
Does he like me or not?
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