Why are some guys so demanding?

So, I met this guy and was speaking to him for about a month on Snapchat, and he wanted to set up a date. The date never happened, as he went MIA from Snapchat for two months. He finally replied to my message last week about wanting to set up a date, but now that work is hectic and I’m back in school, the only free time that I have is for the plans that I’ve already made with my friends and family. Yet when I told him that I don’t have time now, he accused me of “playing with him”. Then when I explained that my schedule is hectic right now, he left me on seen.

I had more availability last month and the month before, whereas now I don’t. So I don’t understand why he’s treating me like I’m the bad guy for no longer having enough free time for him. I had free time last month and the month prior, so he should’ve asked me out then. Yet he didn’t, and was instead being inconsistent.

Inconsistency isn’t attractive, so why do many guys keep doing this? I don’t get why he was being so demanding of my time right after being inconsistent.
Why are some guys so demanding?
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