How common is it for men to try to control women?

This girl I used to talk to just flew off the handle at me recently. I don't... really understand why, but she thinks I'm trying to control her and exploit her mental illness, for some reason?

The whole thing is really weird, because I've done everything in my power to encourage her to voice her thoughts/feelings, and make advancements in life, some of which would have taken her away from me. I feel like I've done nothing but respect her wishes, and empower her to the best of my ability at every opportunity. As if the situation needed to get weirder, we were even long distance, so that's like the epitome of non-controlling.

In any case, her comments got me thinking; how common is it for men to try and control women?
Very common, I have tried to control a woman, or a man tried to control me
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It happens, but not super often. One or more of my friends was controlled by/tried to control a woman
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I've heard of it happening to someone around me, but never witnessed it myself
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I don't personally know anyone who has experienced a situation like this.
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How common is it for men to try to control women?
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