Why is my teacher looking at me like I did something wrong?

So I’m a good student I don’t talk in class listen I do my work and I play around when it’s a good time. And now one of my favorite teachers he’s nice he playful probably cause he’s 28 yeah he’s cute or whatever but I don’t like him and before he would stare at me I would feel uncomfortable sometimes but he would stare at me but I could tell it was friendly or something but now he looks at me all serious like I did something which I didn’t bits like every time we are in the same room so they’ll looks and say hi and other times he’ll look all serious and today I was trying to say hi but he was rushing so he quickly stopped in his tracks and said hi and all of this is happening after we just talked and laughed in a group of people not to big but while we were talking and laughing I was saying how my phone case is gorgeous and he was just staring at me and I said what why are you looking st me me and he didn’t answer he just continued to look and he did it again but this time he talked about what I said after so why is he switching up his moods around me
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Also my friends say that because he’s acting different around me now is probably because he thinks I’m cute and because he’s a teacher he can’t act on anything or show any emotion towards me
Why is my teacher looking at me like I did something wrong?
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