Does he sound remotely interested in me?

I've had a massive crush on this guy for the past year and finally stopped being that nervous around him to the point where I don't get flustered or nervous lol! But I'm confused about him and need an outsiders perspective.

I see him around occasionally and he greets me and visa versa. He stopped doing it for awhile and he got to a point where he avoided me, then he avoided talking to me and yesterday he seemed on edge? He avoided looking at me in the eyes and everything. Then he finally greeted me (after afew months of avoiding it), and he started talking me, but he was pacing and very fidgety, started leaning on a railing nearby.

He greeted me saying "Hey friend" and stopped to talk more and started telling me abit more about himself, I have to admit he boasted abit saying he was doing his PhD in dermatology

I don't really know what to think of it, I mean obviously I want him to feel the same way but the whole "hey friend" part put me off now?
Does he sound remotely interested in me?
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