Why are men so stupid?

So my ex isn't even compatible with his ex girlfriend. He cheated on me with her and he's stuck in ha. He's like, I want a girl who's blonde, hot, and reminds me of the notebook.

I'm legit like the brunette girl off she's all that. When you think of me think of an average brunette girl like Julia Roberts.

I have an amazing personality. I'm a virgin, never masturbated, smart, kind, loyal, ambitious, friendly, etc. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, drink or party.

Then he says, I don't want to date you cause I want to party. Then his ex girlfriend dumps him because she's ''friendly" with a lot of males and had make friends.

Then he starts talking about girls on Instagram vs girls in reality. He's literally talking about the very girl he's chasing. She doesn't even look the same off Instagram.

Then he says I'm a gold digger and he's too rich for me, but he's a SoundCloud rapper who begs his friends mom's for ten dollars to buy booze.

Literally men are weird.
Why are men so stupid?
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