Can anyone tell me how to deal woth this?

Im 20 years old and this happened to me about a month ago so i was born into a family that highly praised a rep specifically one to do with street brawls and cos of this i was always told that violence should be a second nature so due to this i had done what i was told akd over the years built a rep as someone aho can handle themselves and i know you might be picturing me as some big bully who everyone is scared off but it was the exact opposite i was quite good friends with everyone amd was known for being quite a softy but anyway i was at a park with ome of my best mates and a good few people when all of a sudden he turned hostile and shoved me agressively and to my regrets i swung back in a reaction but then as soon as i made contact i froze with pure confusion and my friend pounced and i just sat there like i was watching someone else it went by pretty quick the whole debacle om lasted 9 seconds but after it the regret hit me i apologized and gave him a hug and all i saw was pure satasfaction in his face after that my life turned upside down with all of my friends praising him and me becoming a laughijg stock to everyone i knew i never came out my house for a week i felt helpless after everything cleared up some of my friends told me he had planned on this for many many months what should i do in this situation and why did it affect me so much
Can anyone tell me how to deal woth this?
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