He Tells Me "Don't worry about that/it" When I Ask Him One Specific Question?

I know this should be self explanatory but for some reason it isn't for me I'm pretty slow and overthink stuff.

I text this guy almost everyday and everyone around me says he likes me (he took me out, we ate dinner one place and dessert somewhere else, spent the entire day together, made more plans... etc. etc.) Anyway he explained that he's really bad at texting and he is. He has no problem showing me that he isn't bluffing or anything, so I try to limit my texting because he likes to talk in person and I didn't mind since he explained the last girls who used to talk to him were annoyingly clingy and he talked to them out of obligation. I still text him quite a bit and he responds quickly but I've asked him twice if I'm bothering him or if I need to tone it down and he tells me "Don't worry about that/it" and the last time I asked if I need to turn down the texting he says the same thing and added "I'll let you know" then went on to text me about something that excited him that day.

Is he trying to spare my feelings or am I overthinking, need a shot, and he is genuinely telling me not to worry about that/not bothering him.
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Thanks to everyone who commented and I just made and decision and told him I'd text him less when college starts and I didn't want to distract him from it because my texts look like spam. He proceeded to text me a paragraph and tell me to actually spam him about my day because its enjoyable.

Moral of the story ladies we gotta stop overthinking...
He Tells Me "Don't worry about that/it" When I Ask Him One Specific Question?
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