Does he see me as a potential girlfriend?

Been seeing this guy for a month and we are always messaging each other back and forth (not constantly as we have work and other responsibilities) whenever we can.

I work nights and he asks me to call him up in morning to let him know how work went, ask how I am, what my plans are for the day/week. He has met my friends and I have met his, both have each otherโ€™s friends on Facebook and get messages from them asking to hang out.

He arranges breakfast dates on the mornings of my last night shift. Yesterday he was messaging me that he was bored and that he wants my company but had to sleep for my night shift, tonight he asked me to sleep at his tomorrow through day and go to work.

Iโ€™ve shared bed with him before and we have kissed but no sex just massages my back as I suffer from back pain and strokes my hair
Does he see me as a potential girlfriend?
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