Does he have Aspergers?

There’s this guy that I liked.
Im not sure if he has Aspergers.
As sometimes I’ve tried to catch his attention but he always walks straight past. He does this with other people too.
Sometimes he is just looking at nothing.
Also he has this weird thing with his hands like he picks up things it feels like it weighs a tonne when he picks it up.
I have tried to text message him to catch up but when he added me on Facebook it took him three days to add me.
Then about two weeks later I texted him something & he didn’t reply but he talked about it with me the next day at work.
I texted him on Tuesday as I’ve got another job but texted him to say hi & asked how he was.
I was going to ask if he wanted to hang out next week but don’t know if I should bother him again?
3 d
Only thing I can think of is asking one of my other friends who works to ask him if he’s heard from me & see what he says?
Does he have Aspergers?
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