Why would a guy still want to meet a girl when he's not over with his ex/gf?

I'm trying to clear some thoughts.
I have my profile pics up. He asked to meet after chatting back and forth and the conversation during the meeting went well. The conversation went and he's very honest by mentioning that he's on a break with his girlfriend. On the second meeting, he went more into details about his girlfriend since I and him are feeling more comfortable talking about it and I don't mind to ask more to understand how they are going. He said that he wants one last chance by next week to figure out what the next step is between them. He's preparing for the worse in case that it might be officially done, so that he can move on. The break needs to have an ending and she still hasn't responded back the messages. I asked what he thinks of me and he said I'm calmed and safe to talk to, etc. I also shared about my crushes since I have not had a relationship before. He also mentioned one of the relationship he had last almost 5 years, he admitted that he's at fault, but also the girl cared more about her best guy friend and even told what he and her talked to the best guy friend. Our conversation was pretty relaxed and we made good eye contacts. He smiled when talking me and not afraid to look at me often. I'm trying best to be in a protective zone before developing anything for him in case they get back together. Advice, please!
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Thank you! I'll make sure to think deep about it and decide what's next. :)
Why would a guy still want to meet a girl when he's not over with his ex/gf?
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