I’m stuck on how to act with my crush? Need advice and help please?

Ok so, there’s this boy. Right now he’s in one of my classes. I’ve caught him staring at me and looking/glancing at me a bunch before. He also always bounces his one leg up and down in class, like he can’t keep still in class. He’s complimented me, etc. But I can't convince myself he likes me! Like when he’s at a distance from me, he looks at me a lot. But then when he’s sitting beside me or something, he doesn’t even really look at me!

For these reasons, I’ve assumed he’s shy. Please correct me otherwise.

This is where i’m struggling. I’m really shy with people I like. I can barely make eye contact, and when a i walk by him I mentally prepare to smile, but I end up choking and giving a flat grin that probably looks bitchy. I can't look him in the eyes and smile. It’s so hard. I added him on snap, he didn’t add me back. I tell myself I’m going to talk to him, but then in person I just can’t seem too. And then I leave and wish i did. And if i’m not 1000% confident in my looks, I find it even harder to talk to him. It’s like my mind says nope, can’t do that, because I’m having a bad hair day.

I really need some advice here. I’ve told myself that I need to go after what I want since I want him, and that he’s most likely unsure of how to make a move or talk to me. WHAT are some things I can do, even small steps, to help myself be less weird with all of this? I always feel like I don’t have enough time around him, like it’ll take forever for me to make a move or something. Oh, and lately he seems to be mirroring my actions, does that mean anything?

Any advice would be so appreciated, thank you.
I’m stuck on how to act with my crush? Need advice and help please?
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