Dating on Set, can’t tell if he hates me or likes me?

I’ll get right in!

I am currently working on a low budget film and on it one of the actors has caught my eye. I felt like two days ago we had a strong connection but then starting part way through yesterday he seemed annoyed with me.
We don’t talk a lot, I never know how to talk to people I think are cute but I do talk to everyone else and I will say I know the other guys on set are very charmed with me and some of the other guys do like to flirt with me. Which is all fun and games. On the other hand I can’t tell if he likes me or hates me. He seems friendly with all the other girls but then ignores me! So what gives!
Anyways we have a lot of prolonged eye contact and always break into smiles but like I said he still seemed slightly more stand offish the last couple days AND told me I was acting more assertive in my job! But then of course apologized right away.

Lastly, he is constantly saying he is way older than me (we are 6yrs apart) so I told him today that I have dated boys older than him and that seemed to surprise him.

Im super confused and obviously we are working so nothing can happen atm so I don’t know what to do!

HELP!! ❤️
Dating on Set, can’t tell if he hates me or likes me?
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