Is he just playing around with me or into me?

I'm living in a shared house.

My housemate has been intentionally changing his clothes in front of me these days.

And, there is one time when I was lying on a sofa texting on my phone, he climbed on me taking my phone away saying that I was talking to my "boyfriend" (I had broke up actually and he knows it).

He wondered if I had sex with my "boyfriend" before and gave me a smirk smile assuming it's a yes even I didn't answer it.

Once when I was going out, he asked if I was going to meet my "new boyfriend" and seemed to be relieved knowing that I was hanging out with a girl.

He blushed staring at my legs when I was wearing a short pants. He smiled when I tried his microwave cooking.

He is mad whenever my "boyfriend" calling me by phone but interrupts jokingly our conversation if I answer the call. He loves teasing me verbally. He asks me out a lot altho he is usually busy.

He doesn't know that I feel butterflies in my stomach being around him but he told me that he regarded me as a sister 😭
Is he just playing around with me or into me?
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