Do guys like good girls? Do guys like nice girls?

Every guy I've met, especially guys who aren't bad boys...say they want to have a serious relationship with a good girl. I'm what you call a good girl. I don't do anything bad. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, swear, have sex. They've all said they like that. I am not uptight, I accept people who do these things and I'm not naive. I just have strong morals and values. I am SUPER sweet. Not on purpose it's just my personality. I care about everybody & when I'm in love I do everything I can for that person. There is no games, no hard to get. If I like you, you know it. I am very attractive, not to sound conceded. I dress nice & I can flirt & act sexy with a guy I like, but I don't with just any guy. So guys get to meet me, they all have said that I am the best girl they've ever met, that I'm a 'good girl' and a quality person. They all love me...but then they eventually end up just thinking I'm amazing, but dating a girl that likes to party, dresses slutty and is more forward. Someone who isn't as serious. Even though they tell me that's not what they want in a girlfriend. They've all said that they see themselves marrying me or someone like me. But yet they date girls like that? So my questions is do guys ACTUALLY like good girls? or are there any guys that do?
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here's an update since everyone seems so interested in my sex life. I never said I don't do anything sexual. I said I don't have sex. there are ways to make someone happy, without actually having sex. the subject was good girls vs bad,not abstinence :P
Do guys like good girls? Do guys like nice girls?
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