I'm hoping someone can tell me what's going on here if you'd be so kind, because I'm completely lost?

So, there's a guy I work with and I don't know what his deal is. Long story short, he asked if I had any kids, I made a joke with God no and he sorta looked panicked and was like you dont want kids? So I had to explain I wanted kids one day. He then told me his five year plan and this was all in the first week of meeting. Over the course of the last several months he's constantly right next to me, always is the first to say hi, offers me food, is the first to help me, introduced me to his dog, looks at me a lot, will smile a lot and tries to show off. In addition, he's freaked out on me twice when I mentioned other guys (friends/classmates). When I brought them up he "needed to know if it was someone he should worry about." He even went so far as to eavesdrop on a convo I had with one of the guys. He's also told me he's single. Anyway, there are a few other things but those are the biggest I guess. So, after being right next to me a lot of the day, we were all talking about renovations and moving (since he just moved and someone else is getting ready to) and he says "the girl I'm talking to said it was bad". The girl could be the realtor, or it could be another person. I'm not sure. So, maybe I shouldn't be, but I'm confused. I don't know what's going on here. Maybe he doesn't like me and I've read it wrong. Or if he does like me I dont know how to progress it from here. I'm just kinda stuck in limbo and it's not a great feeling. If anyone can help or give suggestions I'd be eternally grateful.
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Okay, fair points. I guess I should say he's never stopped me from talking to guys. He comes across more as if he likes me and thought he lost his chance. It's always shock/sadness and never cruel. he's always supportive unlike others I've dated. (Especially when he thought I'd gotten engaged) My main concern is the comment about "the girl I'm talking to". He's never mentioned a girl before and I dont know if I'm reading into the comment or if he's over me.
I'm hoping someone can tell me what's going on here if you'd be so kind, because I'm completely lost?
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