A random guy asked for my number, is he flirting or just networking?

I was on vacation with my girl friend recently. We were standing in a slow-moving line for a popular restaurant, when two guys behind us struck up a conversation with us. They were in town for a business trip -- one was in his 40's (married w/ kids) and another in his 30's (no wedding ring, no kids). My girl friend and I are in our early 20's. The one in his 40's was mostly talking to my friend about work-related things, while the one in his 30's was talking to me, kind of about everything and not just work. The 40's guy ended up giving his business card to my friend, in case her company wanted to work with his.

We ended up realizing all four of us were from the same area back home. The 30's guy suggested we eat together at the same table, and when going our own ways after eating, he asked to exchange numbers with me and possibly meet up for a meal if he's ever in my area. He inputted his # in my phone, and I texted him around an hour later. We texted about some good areas my friend and I should visit, and we didn't text after that day. It hasn't been very long (around 3 days). Everyone is back home now, but he hasn't contacted me since. I know the 40's guy was purely networking (he is married with kids and mostly talked business), but I can't tell if the 30's guy was serious about getting to know me. What do you guys think?
A random guy asked for my number, is he flirting or just networking?
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