Can you guys help me understand this?

Ok so about two weeks ago I was on the phone with good guy friend. It was supposed to be a 10 minute convo to clarify something I was texting him about but we ended up staying on the phone for like 2 and a half hours. So basically until 3:30 am, he ended up passing out before we hung up. Well in this convo I ended up finding out he has a girlfriend now. I’ll admit I was hurt about it because I had feelings for him and he knew but he claims to not have ever felt that way about me. I kind of just said oh ok when he told me
he was dating someone. I told him I wasn’t the happiest to hear about it but it’s what is is and I’m glad he found someone he really likes. Well I told him I felt but in this same convo, he said he was concerned that I was sending him well wishes while trying to hide how I really feel about him. He thinks I’m faking my feelings about him and was worried I’d hurt myself even more in the process. I told him what’s the point of me feeling that way about him if it’s never going to be required. And he said I should feel the way I feel. What I don’t understand is why is he encouraging me to have those kind of feelings for him when he doesn’t feel the same way? That’s what I really don’t understand and when I asked this same question to him he kind of said what I just mentioned before. No rude answers please, but what do you guys think?
Can you guys help me understand this?
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